Travel Bloggers’ favorite art and colorful destinations

As an artist, I always feel like in a fairyland when I am surrounded by colorful things. To get ideas for my next travels, I asked experienced travel bloggers about their TOP PICKS for artistic or colorful inspirational destination spots.

In addition to their “treats for your eyes”, I also included my latest favorite spot at the end of the post. The new year already started, lots of people have their travel destinations ready, so scroll down to get inspired which place might be you next travel spot.

The new year already started, lots of people have their travel destinations ready, so scroll down to get inspired which place might be you next travel spot.

1. Miami

(Sabina from


As Sabina says: ” I first visited last summer and – to my great surprise – completely fell in love with the city aesthetics. Its Art Deco architecture is a perfect blend of kitsch and style. ” Those would be some great Instagram spots! Sabina also loved colorful walls all around. “Those pastel facades of South Beach are a daydream. There’s also Miami’s grittier side in the form of the Wynwood Art District, filled with street art and graffiti. What’s not to love? ”

Check out GIRL GUIDE TO MIAMI post on her blog for more information about this fascinating place.


Photo: Wall art in Wynwood, Miami.

Wynwood walls.

Photo: Wall art in Wynwood



2. Aruba

 (Yvonne from Just


As Yvonne says: “It is hard to choose. Many places come to my mind but as I’ve just been there I would say San Nicholas Aruba. A beautiful little town in the south of the island, which is not exactly a tourist Destination. They don’t even have a single hotel there, but the street art there is amazing.”

Check out more pictures, more travel tips and inspirations on Yonne’s blog.


Aruba beach.

San Nicholas, Aruba.



3. Santorini

(Johnny from


As Johnny says “Santorini! Sometimes cliches just nail and Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the world, drowned in blue and white paint and sunshine! Love the place and sunset at Oia are out of this world! ”

Read more about his experience in  The most beautiful place in the world? Santorini? Possibly!  post.


Street in Santorini, Greece 

Photo: Santorini view



4. Guatape in Colombia and Valparaiso Chile

(Yulia from


As Yulia explains: ” The most colorful place I have been to was probably Guatape in Colombia, but the most colorful and artistic at the same time probably Valparaiso in Chile .”

Read more about Yulia’s blog post  YOUR COLOMBIA BUCKET LIST – 10 PLACES YOU CANNOT MISS!


Guatape in Colombia

Valparaiso Chile



5. Cherry blossoms in Japan

 (Wiebke from


As Wiebke says: ” My most favorite and inspiring country is Japan! The country is very colorful in its unique way with flashing billboards, advertisements throughout the big cities and the nature on the other side.. Especially the light pink colors during the cherry blossom period in spring are so great for landscape photography. “

If you need more practical information and Japan is your next travel destination check out her Japan Travel Guide.


Photo: View to Mt.Fuji

Cherry blossoms blooming in the spring near the mountains.



6. Chefchouen in Morroco

Rachel from


As Rachel says: ” My favorite destination for color and art was hands down Morocco, which has fantastic architecture and more specifically Chefchouen, an all blue town. It’s something you have probably seen on Pinterest and it inspired me so much I came home and painted all my patio furniture the same blue!”

Read more in a great guide from Rachel in a post I’m Back From the Most Pinterest-Friendly Town in the World or look at 20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Morocco on her blog.


Chefchouen, Morocco.

Chefchouen  in Morroco



7. Alaska

(Claire from


As Claire describes: ” I would have to say Alaska was my favorite destination because you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to have an amazing view. The views are all around you all the time! It was a pretty amazing trip.”

If you are interested in views and beautiful scenery read her blog post 20 PHOTOS THAT WILL CONVINCE YOU WINTER IS THE BEST TIME TO TRAVEL.


Alaska views



8. Turkey

(Liz from


Liz says: ” Probably Turkey is my favorite colorful place”

Read more about her experience and her way of exploring this country on her blog. For example Don’t Underestimate Turkey in Winter or The Colors of Istanbul, Turkey post.


Colorful Buildings, Balat in Istanbul (Turkey)

Photo: Door in Izmir, Turkey



9. Montreal

(Marie from


As Marie describes: “My favorite destinations for arts is my hometown Montreal because there are so many artists here and the city has, consequently, strong art vibes that make it very effervescent. The tree-lined streets of Plateau Mont-Royal, with the wrought iron staircases and colorful facades, are the perfect backdrop for a creative journey.”

Look at pictures from a very photogenic district described in Marie’s blog post ARTSY AND BEAUTIFUL PLATEAU MONT-ROYAL – IN PHOTOS


Streets in Montreal.



10. Rainbow Moutain

(Anna from


As Anna says: ” I would say most colorful was Rainbow Moutain in Peru “

If this is intriguing experience for you, read more in Anna’s blog post HIKING RAINBOW MOUNTAIN IN PERU: DAY TRIP FROM CUSCO


Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain), Willkanuta Mountain Range



11. Philadelphia street art

(Jason from


As Jason says: “I love large murals and street art. My hometown of Philadelphia is known for their eye-catching large-scale building murals. Here in Oslo, Norway where I live now you can find a lot of the same thing with a Scandinavian twist.”

Want to hear more travel stories? Sign up for his podcast. 


Philadelphia murals.



12. Penang

(Becky from


As Becky describes: “I would definitely say Penang, Malaysia. I just visited and the city is full of great street art that blends well into the city.”

Where to go and what to see in Malaysia, read  12 Things To Do In The Cameron Highlands, Malaysia post.


Photo: Refurbished Shop Houses, Jalan (Road) Kek Chuan, Georgetown, Penang

Penang, Malaysia.



13. Nevi Island (Caribbean)

(Charli from


As Charli says: “The wealth of vibrant colors and areas of natural beauty on the island is just incredible. Intoxicating natural vistas, deserted beaches, long dormant volcanoes, and the legacy of a once thriving sugar industry defines the landscape here. An artist would be in 7th heaven if they found themselves marooned on Nevis’s shores!”

If you are considering to visit this amazing Island you can check out her post MY GUIDE TO NEVIS: THE CARIBBEAN ISLAND YOU’VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF .


Photo: Colorful boats, the Beach at Rices

Nevis island natures.



14. Easter Island (Chile, South America)

Kach from


Easter Island! As Kach describes: “If you want to see marine species in one of the most spectacular dive spots in the world, then get a diving tour and experience something magical.”

Read more about his cultural experience in Our All-inclusive Cultural Experience with Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa, Easter Island post.


Photo: Easter Islands Diving

Photo: Marine life, Easter islands



15. Porto (Portugal)

(Me from


As many of the other guys already mentioned, it is really hard to choose what colorful place you like the most from your trips. I choose Porto in Portugal. I was in Porto just recently and I still have all the colorful houses freshly stamped in my memory. There are so many beautiful old streets in the town going up and down and you can easily wander around the town all day to admire the tiled facades.


Old streets in Porto.

Traditional tram in Porto.


Books and Guides:

Still looking for more inspiration? I found these super cool books from National Geographic: National Geographic Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary and Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places! You can check out the reviews or the description to know more.




Other places you would love to see and read about? Let me know! 🙂 



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