Hey there!

My name is Iva, I love designillustration, photography and as you probably guessed, travel.

I try to live a life full of colorscreativity, happiness and friendships while sharing the tons of colorful lifestyle advice alongside the ups and downs with you.

How do I differ from the crazy amount of other bloggers and travelers?

Not that much…….just kidding :). I go everywhere with my sketchbook. I am always fascinated and drawn to colors or design, whether it is old house facade, restaurant decoration, souvenir shops, flower beds or food arrangement.  Therefore you will find a lot of colors and sketches from my trips on this blog or in my videos.

Why do I do this blog?

Well…..After many times of traveling to different destinations and living in few different European countries,  I have learned how to get the most out of the travel experience without too much of a rush or spending tons of money.

In addition to this I love to do travel research and itineraries and have most out of the trips without running around like crazy and all in all, see nothing. So I want to help every traveler enthusiast too, as I usually help my friends when planning their trips. I want to make your trip easier so you can spend your travel time on activities you are actually passionate about. Learn from my mistakes and only enjoy the good experiences.

I am not a backpacker and I am not always on the road.

Despite my love of sandy beaches or discovering new towns, my laziness and the fact that I miss my own bed, drags me back home to Europe. Even though I love my cozy sofa at home or meeting friends in the town, I can still follow my travel dreams.

To save money during the year I always combine bigger trips like flying off to Japan or discovering exotic Marocco with short trips, like eating out in Italy or admiring minimalistic designs in Denmark. When I am not traveling or taking photos, I am most likely drawing in my sketchbook or planning my next trip and what should I pack with me.

I am also a coffee addict, I love honey salted cashew nuts, sushi and let’s not forget pizza! If there’s one thing I can eat forever it is pizza. Due to my gluten allergy, I always have to look for a gluten free version.

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Have a great trip!

– Iva