48 Hours in Nice

Soak up the sun on one of the world most famous beaches.

Nice is the main town of the beautiful French Rivera and it is popular for its perfect sunny weather. It can be your starting point when exploring glamorous coastline with a glass of Champagne in hand on a yacht or just as a relaxing weekend exploring small bistros in the old streets.



Fly into Nice Airport that is served by the main European airlines. If you arrive during the day, use a public bus from the airport to the city. It is quite cheap, around 3 EUR. If you arrive at night, I recommend that you take Uber, because there is not much public transport available. It is an easy option with lots of cars cruising around to pick you up. The cost is around 15 EUR from the airport, to the main promenade.




The famous French Riviera beaches!

The water is quite chilly and refreshing in the summer. On some of the local beaches, it is normal to be topless so don’t be surprised, it is normal in Europe …

Don’t forget to bring a thick towel because the rocks can be quite annoying lie on for a longer time.




What to eat:

French Rivera has a Mediterranean influence so you will find different types of food, not only typical French

  • Goat cheese salad with honey toast. You have to try at least one of the french cheeses!
  • Salade Niçoise with typical eggs, tomatoes and vinaigrette dressing
  • Tapenade. Try this as a starter before your main meal. This cream made from local olives is truly special.
  • Socca. This chickpea pancake is crispy but still soft from the inside.
  • Ice cream. Many homemade flavors can be found at Fenocchio. They serve a special meal like cactus ice cream with pancakes too.
  • Farcis. Vegetables mixed with meat.


Where to Eat:


  • Restaurant Acchiardo. (38 Rue Droite) Try a fish with olive tapenade
  • Les Garçons (18 Rue du Poilu) Risotto
  • Olive&Artichaut (6 Rue Sainte-Reparate) Gourmet lunch plates
  • Oliviera (8 Rue du Collet) Mozzarella dish or rabbit.
  • Amada (17 Rue Tonduti de l’Escarène) Japanese cuisine, if you want to try something different
  • Fenocchio (2 Pl. Rossett) Homemade Ice cream with different flavors





Save Money:


  • Try small Bistros in side streets bit further away from the main touristy attractions
  • Find local beaches just around the corner instead of hiring a private beach benches. (Sunlounger starting from 10 EUR per person)


One of the beaches in Nice



View Points:


  • Great Spot for taking pictures is Castle Hill, the lookout oasis on top of the hill overlooking Nice. From here you can see the whole beach, promenade, and the city. Climb over 300 steps or if lazy, take a lift up and spend the whole afternoon in the park. The amazing views were for sure worth the climb! 🙂 You even have ruins of the castle, small waterfalls, cafe, and bathrooms here. It has opening times, so watch out that you will not stay locked in the area in the evening. We saw this happened few times…..people shouting to call someone to open the park gate. It took at least 1/2 hour for the local police to come back and open the fence gate. If you don’t need a funny story from your trip remember the opening hours hahaha (08:00 – 18:00 ) Double check on their website!



Castle Hill overlooking Nice.



Artist in you:


  • You will appreciate the colors of Russian Orthodox Cathedral. The details on the roof top design are amazing. You can find it on Avenue Nicolas II, and it is usually open from 10:00 – 17:00.


  • Local markets. Streets are filled with artists selling their creations. Stop by and look at the paintings, smell the flowers or handmade designer soaps. For example COURS SALEYA, the city’s oldest flowers, and produce market. It is usually open 06:00 – 17:30 Tuesday to Saturday (to 13:30 on Sunday)


  •  Matisse Museum. If you have to visit only one of the galleries, it would be this one. (164 av des Arènes de Cimiez, 10.00 EUR, 10:00 – 18:00 Wed- Mon )



Russian Orthodox Cathedral


Summary of my Top 8 things to Do


  1. Eat at many places
  2. Visit the beach
  3. Walk on the Promenade des Anglais
  4. Visit the Vieux (Old Town)
  5. Look at Russian Orthodox Cathedral
  6. Climb up to Castle Hill and enjoy the views
  7. Stroll through the local markets like COURS SALEYA
  8. Become a ‘kid’ at local fountains called ‘Mirror of water’ at Promenade du Paillon



Square in Vieux (Old Town).




Get Rick Steves Provence & the French Riviera guide or Rick Steves’ French Phrase Book & Dictionary if you would like to understand locals a bit more.






Thank you for reading! Do you have a different experience? Would you like to something I haven’t included? Let me know!



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